For scooters and electric wheelchairs

Our spacious mini garage provides more interior room than similar solutions and has been specifically designed for storing scooters and electric wheelchairs. Spacious, robust and easily accessible – parking is a breeze with ample space to get in and out of a wheelchair.

Opening and closing

You can open and close the garage easily using your mobile or a separate remote control. If you would like to control your mini garage with your mobile no extra accessories are needed, which is very helpful with limited mobility. If necessary, the garage can also be opened manually and it is equipped with an emergency open function in case of a power failure.

If there are height limitations where the garage is to be installed, the opening dimensions can be customised when placing your order. The mini garage is pre-programmed in the factory so that the door will not hit any obstructions.

Material and winterproofing

The mini garage has a robust design and is built to stand up to the harshest winter weather conditions. The walls, floor and ceiling are made from moisture-resistant materials and the non-porous surface layer makes it easy to keep clean from normal use and graffiti.

The mini garage is well insulated and offers superior protection from both rain and snow. The garage comes with a built-in, energy-efficient radiator that can be adjusted to any temperature, ensuring a frost-free garage.


Both the floor and ramp are equipped with a superior anti-slip surface. The mini garage comes standard with pinch-resistant components.

Electricity and charging

For convenient charging, the shelf for the battery charger can be placed wherever you wish. The mini garage is equipped with dual power sockets which are permanently installed for safety reasons, with no loose cords or cables. All electrical components and cabling are integrated into the walls and securely covered. The garage has a smart sensor control function, so that the lighting switches on and off automatically when opening and closing.

Weight: ca 195 kg
Electrical installation: 220-240V
Electrical socket: Dual, integrated
Color: Gray or green

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Spacious mini garage specifically designed for storing scooters and electric wheelchairs.