About Moveum

We develop products for barrier-free living. We design products for kitchens, bathrooms and outdoor environments that make life easier for older adults and others with any type of disability.

We create innovative and functional solutions to everyday problems and strive to continuously improve our products to best meet the needs of our customers.


Athena Nordic is founded, with a focus on developing products for increased accessibility. Spisec, the world’s first stove guard is being developed.


More innovative products that simplify everyday life for many people are being developed.


Together with the Swedish Police, the world-unique system of emergency transmitters is being developed that locates lost people.


The world’s first mobile emergency phone is being developed with the help of the Assistive Technology Institute.


Athena Nordic changes its name to Moveum.

Caring solutions

for independent living

  • 30+ years experience creating barrier-free living
  • We supply products to 280+ municipalities in Sweden
  • We manufacture our products in our own factory
  • Customised solutions for individual needs


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Independent living products you can trust
Independent living products you can trust

Independent living products you can trust